Love as a Surprise

Love as a Surprise

People try to do impossible things! And they fail, of course. That’s how they end up suffering. It is natural to suffer trying to do something impossible, hoping that you will succeed and persisting despite the evidence.

And how exactly to distinguish the possible things, for which it is worth fighting, from the impossible ones? Here’s how: the impossible thing par excellence is trying to turn something transient into something permanent.

Here is an example:

You want him / her to love you tomorrow too! So you try to snatch a promise from him or you make sure, in different ways, that this will happen. It’s about control. Is there anything wrong here, wanting to be loved tomorrow? Wanting to be loved, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in all the days (and nights) of your life is ok. The problem is you can’t know. Whether or not you will be loved tomorrow is a matter of chance. If you are lucky you will be loved by him / her tomorrow. You can’t control that. Being loved is always a surprise.

There are a few things in this world that cannot be changed or controlled, consciously. You can’t make them the way you want them to be. Love is one of these things. Aging is another. And death, of course, is the third. You never know exactly how they come, how they advance. Yes, there is a price, and even a very high one, for that. We are doomed to live in uncertainty! Maybe tomorrow his / her love will be smaller or even disappear. It is likely to reappear in a few days / years. It is possible that, tomorrow, you will die or discover, surprised, that you have aged. What can you do to prevent this? Nothing.

And if you understand very clearly this way of being of reality, if you understand that everything that is wonderful is flowing like music, well, in this case you can relax! Why cling to permanence and certainties if they are impossible? We do not need great intelligence but a deep understanding of an idea to which reality calls us every day. Everything is fleeting! Who are you trying to fool into believing otherwise? We live in a dynamic universe, always changing, as a result of the phenomenal energy at its base.

Why hang on? There is no such thing. The thing you’re trying to cling to is itself falling apart. The fall is, from another perspective, an ascent. We cannot stop the movement of reality. But we can understand it and we can cooperate with it. We can release the things that have already started to go away. We can let people who no longer love us be what they are, without blaming them. And to those who come to love us, taking us by surprise, we can give them a chance. After all, Life, in its endless game, puts the pieces back together. What’s the point of resisting? Better watch carefully and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow Life moves again!

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