Extramarital Affair

Extramarital Affair

Can a happy person in a relationship fall in love with another? Is the extramarital affair an undeniable proof that something is missing in the marriage?

There are situations in which marriage is full of frustrations and failures and the extramarital affair is a response to this suffering but there are also rare cases when the couple’s relationship is satisfactory and yet he or she falls in love with someone else.

Social life is not as simple as we want it to be. It is perfectly possible to be happy with your relationship, with your partner and, surprisingly, to fall in love with someone else. Is there something essential missing from your couple? Often missing but not always! There are also positive extramarital relationships, meaning those born out of a need for growth.

We can rise above the conditionings of our species and learn to negotiate with the complexity of life in large communities, including virtual ones. We can be more forgiving and sensitive to human nature. We can have more understanding, not only to glorify it on the occasion of various religious holidays or spiritually oriented workshops, but even to apply it in real situations.

There are specialists who look at extramarital affairs with discrimination. Most indeed indicate real problems in the couple, often denied or ignored or treated improperly. But there are also relationships born not to compensate for something absent but to experience, without fear, the chance to be a complex being.

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