Love Is

Love Is

1. I want you to exist (that is, to live in the very basic sense of “survival”). I want you to be still on this earth, here, with me, or elsewhere, but to be. I care about your existence. I want you alive and it’s not just a wish. I am ready to do many things in this regard if you ask me to.

2. I want you to be free, to grow. I want you to move forward in your own life. I respect your projects even if sometimes I don’t understand them. It’s your project, so it’s you. I have the power to support you, even in directions that seem insecure. For sure, I will support you in the projects that I approve. But I only do it at your request. I always fight with the desire to control you, to shape you. Often I fail but I don’t give up. I want you to grow in your chosen direction. Thus, you remain or become a free person. I don’t want to love a puppet or a slave. I want to be you, although that doesn’t always suit me. I give up control in my relationship with you.

3. I want to meet you. I want to know how you feel, what kind of thoughts you have, what you dream about, who your team is, what you imagine, where you want to go, what you want to do with your life. I want to see how you’re inside. I know that in order to reveal yourself, you need to feel safe with me. I also know that you are afraid of how I might react and I assure you that my greatest desire is to understand you. You look like someone special to me, whom I want to know in depth.

4. I want to touch you. I like to see or hear you but to touch you is an invaluable experience. We are flesh and blood. Touching can be affectionate, erotic or sexual. All touches are pleasant.

Feelings do not have to be reciprocal. And if they are, I can consider myself lucky. I won the Life Lottery for the second time. First time it was when I came to this planet.

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