About Love

About Love

“True love cannot be bought.”

  • To love someone means to be happy in the presence of that person.

“Presence” is not necessarily something physical. You can love someone who is not in your sight, without touching him or her. You can love someone who is gone (but you knew him) and you can love someone you have never seen but met his deeds. In other words, that person is “present” in your mind. Every time you think of her, she’s there.

  • The person you love doesn’t have to do anything special for you to love her.

You simply love her for what she is. That means you’re just happy. Glad she exists! She may have a relationship with you, even a close one (you live in the same house), she may even annoy you regularly, including intentionally, and yet you are happy. And don’t rejoice because you are intending it, but because you cannot oppose to it.

  • Your joy is spontaneous.

She is as she is and you are happy because she is like that.
You may be amazed at your spontaneous feelings. In some cases, you may want to get rid of them. But you can’t do anything but witness them. Your love, your joy, is simply there. You can’t bring it in and you can’t take her out. You can only learn to live with it.

You may never feel this throughout your life. Bad luck. It is also possible to feel “this” in relation to two people, simultaneously. It is possible to feel it today and after 25 years.

You may not be free to choose your love, as you choose your vacation destinations, but when she has chosen you, it would be worth cherishing.

Is it clearer now, why love cannot be bought and why the love that matters is the one offered freely? Whatever you do to make the other person love you is doomed to failure. If he loves you genuinely, he (she) loves you no matter what you do. Her love for you was simply born in her soul. No one knows why loves another person.

It would be good to stop trying to make someone love you, to stop forcing yourself to love someone and to begin to pay attention to the joy that is born spontaneously in someone’s presence.

Maybe, with a touch of luck, love will come to you from the depths of your soul.

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